Managed Pressure Drilling

System Components
As the industry's use of MPD has grown, so has our expertise. We listened and learned from the drilling contractors, operators and MPD service providers we work with every day. Along the way, we have built a portfolio of capabilities-now addressing the larger active pressure management requirements-to answer their challenges. In addition to manufacturing a full complement of innovative, field-proven equipment, we provide:

  • Engineering
  • FEED studies-from concept to development
  • Hydraulic flow modeling
  • Rig surveys
  • Integrated control software
  • Lifecycle services
  • After-sales support
  • Training

Driving Active Pressure Management

We understand your need for control. Our expert team can help you navigate the complex drilling challenges that demand your time and energy and give you more control over costs.

Decades of manufacturing experience combined with our deep understanding of pressure management drilling technology has positioned us at the center of the MPD evolution. Working closely with all the stakeholders, we have designed, built, and installed the industry-leading equipment that is enabling a global fleet of MPD-ready rigs. But safe, efficient MPD is much more than innovative iron. Our scope of expertise and technology integrates engineering and design, manufacturing service and training.

  • Active Control Device and RCD
  • Continuous Circulation Systems
  • Distribution manifold
  • Drill String Isolation Tool (DSIT)
  • Early Kick Loss Detection
  • Elastomers
  • Engineering Services
  • Flow spool
  • Monitoring and control
  • Performance Drilling Package
  • Riser interface
  • Riser running tool
  • Spider split ring

Frequently Asked Questions

Did You Know?

There are approximately 30,000 joints—or 455 miles—of riser currently installed around the world.